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A comprehensive portfolio, professionally implemented.

Sequentis Medien is an internal communications agency with a high degree of media competence.

Your definition of the task:

You would like to convey messages from company management to your employees and generate interest in the issues you raise. Your communication should facilitate dialogue and generate interest, enthusiasm and commitment.


You would like to competently facilitate changes in your company. You are interested in addressing and discussing moods, troubling issues and anxiety. You would like to provide information and thus engage your employees in actively shaping change.

You would like to arouse interest and enthusiasm for the goals of your project. You need communication processes which will motivate your employees to actively support and influence the project. Change and continuous development should thus become an inherent part of your company culture.

You would like to increase loyalty to the company and thus also change and positively influence the attitude of employees toward their work. You want hardworking and loyal employees who carry out their work with commitment and responsibility.

In an environment of growth, innovation and new challenges, you need to optimally train your employees for new processes and newly formulated requirements.

You would like to ready yourself for changes or new tasks. You need solution-oriented support to determine the status quo or define your goals. You need advice and help with issues regarding relationships or conflicts.

You're looking to upgrade a presentation for an event or the launch of a new product so you need to rework it to professional standards and with an attractive design.

Our portfolio:

We advise and design in accordance with your goals and specifications. We listen, ask questions and analyze your requirements. We develop an individual and strategically well-founded communication concept, including a plan of action, only when we are certain we have understood what you need.

The high demands often placed on staff by changes can result in a lack of motivation. Willpower is required and a genuinely felt  intention to carry out the change and deal with it. We can show you how to achieve this and will support you with a tailor-made well-founded strategy, and a package of appropriate measures.

We produce films which are convincing and inspiring. We produce professional and persuasive training, descriptive and image films at our own production facilities. Our films tell stories, capture people’s attention, arouse emotions and deliver credible and convincing content and messages.

We design and produce media which succinctly gets your message across. Our design specialists develop graphics and animation, and create attractive presentations. Experienced editors design interactive instructional media based on solid learning theory.

We arouse emotions while conveying knowledge and insight. We plan, organize and carry out successful events: from specialist workshops to management motivation events, all the way to unforgettable employee events.

We plan and start up in-service training courses. We develop training units backed by solid learning theory for conveying information and also develop learning media, supplementary material and training courses.

We advise, facilitate and support. Whether for an interview, press conference or event, our experienced coaches and trainers can advise and support your employees and managers in all areas of communication and moderation. In our tailor-made public presentation and media training we prepare company representatives to become credible communicators at press conferences, interviews and event appearances.

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Customer care & project management
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