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We are sequentis medien

Sequentis Medien is a specialist in internal communications and offers outstanding media competence. We give you the best of both worlds: On the one hand, our analytic and strategic competence; on the other, our creative media expertise, especially in the field of film and storytelling.

Your internal communications experts

For nearly ten years, we have been supporting and guiding communications processes and creating acceptance and transparency for ongoing development and change. We are consultants, strategists, concept developers and media experts.  We have a can-do attitude, can stay focused, provide support throughout the whole process and implement measures at your company site. We promote acceptance and instill enthusiasm: because that's our job, and we do it with passion and commitment.

Custom-made, with passion and commitment

We are no communications factory. We are more like a workshop creating customized, high-quality products because everything we do, from concepts to scripts, brochures, instructional media, films and events, is creative, up-to-date, has an eye for detail and done with our whole heart.  The result is a custom-made solution which guarantees your success.

A highly-qualified team creating personalized solutions

Our qualification is the group of people who perform our services. This is because of their knowledge and skills, the joy they take in strategic thinking, creative processes and thinking outside the box,  plus, of course, their professionalism and extensive experience. Our team has a healthy mix of digital natives and old hands. 


Ute Sidenstein – Managing Director

Consultancy, strategy, concepts

Ute Sidenstein has many years of experience as a PR expert in consulting and concept development and is also an author and director for film and studio productions, corporate TV programming and live events. She has over 20 years of experience working for well-known companies, brands and agencies in Germany and Europe.

Christoph Meyer – Managing Director

Consultancy, concepts, production

With a graduate degree in film and sound engineering, Christoph Meyer is an experienced professional consultant, concept developer, media expert and the head of post-production and interactive projects. Responsible for customer care, strategy and implementation.

Experienced coaches and trainers

Our experienced coaches and trainers are yet another reliable factor in our network. They have proven and extensive expertise in the fields of communications, public presentation  and personnel development.

Our services include development and implementation of presentation and facilitation training, for example, as part of train-the-trainer projects. Systemic consulting and communication training supplements the coaching and training courses offered by partners we have worked with for many years, providing assistance with team formation and team development.

Our network of specialists

Our team is supplemented by carefully chosen specialists from various fields, among them media, internal communications, photography, social media, IT, business consulting and public relations.

Kathrin Hellwig

Customer care & project management
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06131 - 27 77 38-0

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