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Globalisation, new technologies and new business models are some of the factors driving an increasing need for change within companies looking to secure a successful future. Along with this, increasing demands are placed on internal communication.

In a time of digital transformation, companies must understand the ever increasing importance of quickly integrating new and necessary technology. This requires an adaptive corporate culture, which welcomes changes and successfully embeds them. A decisive factor in corporate culture is internal communication.

Meeting the ever-growing challenges of internal communication demands a target-based communications strategy orientated to the interests and aims of the company, while also being culturally compatible. A viable and successful communications strategy can only be built on robust and rigorous analysis. Looking in from the outside sharpens awareness on the inside.

This is the basis for devising  target-driven actions and customized media productions. In the course of this process, we are the experts at your side to guide colleagues along new pathways, to inform and to motivate. 

Trust and loyalty are the basic values of our company culture. So the following examples are fictitious cases which are nevertheless based on specific real-life situations.

How do I improve

the motivation of

our workforce?

Analysis | Understand causes and the status quo

We don’t launch straight into motivational training. First, we try to identify what causes any lack of enthusiasm. When a business goes through any change process, employees may quickly feel unsure of themselves and resist change. Professional communication can help prevent problems like these by informing company staff and winning them around to the changes.  

When resistance occurs, we ask our customer many questions, visit the company site and talk with everyone involved such as sales and warehouse staff.

Strategy | Evaluate and draw conclusions systematically

Then we develop a tailor-made internal communications concept based on which suitable tools and approaches are identified.  

A crucially important element of the measures we develop is that employees communicate as equals.

Personalized and balanced internal communications creates empathy, understanding and acceptance, making everyone feel they are “all in the same boat.” This helps staff “get with the program” and – we feel most importantly – motivates them to fully commit to company strategy.

Measures | A customized approach is key

At the beginning a motivational film announces changes, bringing them to life on screen so people feel an emotional connection to the “new regime.” Authentic statements and genuine emotions in the film get staff on board:  the film is informative, persuasive and counters the skeptics while also counteracting negative gossip. Internal communications about change is reinforced through tailor-made media-based training, case studies, and informing staff about new developments on a regular basis. We develop the idea and concept, write the script and shoot the film at your company site.

How do I manage

internal communications

about critical issues?

Analysis | Consider communications with care

Two companies with varying cultures and organizational structures are being merged.   

Whether a company is being restructured or part of merger, reorganization is essentially an employee relations challenge. Because internal communications must be carefully considered during the earliest phase when employees need information the most. That holds true for listed companies especially, who are not allowed to inform their workforce about price-sensitive information beforehand.

Strategy | Actively involve people in the change process

A delicate touch and empathy are called for when involving staff. Our strategy is to communicate promptly, openly and with respect, showing consideration for concerns of employees. All staff must be actively included in the change process and the key motivations for upcoming change clearly explained to them.

Measures | Make changes comprehensible

We provide support throughout change processes by working closely with client communications departments and their advertising agencies.   Developed measures are implemented in various ways including through several kick-off events, an interactive training tool and by producing professionally edited, high-quality newsletters as well as informational and training films. The result: Employees feel they are being kept informed and actively involved in a process. The unique potential of all measures enriches the overall internal communications effort, especially in decisive long-term client engagements.

How should we

communicate the new

distribution structure?

Analysis | Support organizational change

When providing communications support as part of a change process, our task is to roll out a new sales structure and provide professional support of related organizational and cultural changes.  

The primary focus for sequentis medien is to communicate issues and key statements clearly and unambiguously within the whole company, generate a culture that willingly embraces change while mobilizing positive emotions.

Strategy | Communicate with clarity and firmness

To rally people behind the benefits of – and the need for – the new system and identify the key priorities at all organizational levels, with the client we develop a viable communications strategy in workshops and meetings. After the client approves it, a complex matrix is used to implement strategic measures across the enterprise. 

Measures | Film documentaries

A set of measures sometimes consists of a film documentary, short trailers and an interactive instructional media channel. Supplementary cross-media campaigns reinforce the measures. The defined target groups are constantly addressed through brochures, online newsletters and workshops. Customized training is delivered to prepare managers for their tasks and help their communications skill set. We can provide everything under one roof, ensuring top quality and exacting detail.

How do we ensure

people use our

products correctly?

Analysis | A training needs analysis

This exemplary case is about a premium cosmetics brand the quality of which is strongly dependent on its correct use. The focus was on how to rapidly and consistently communicate use of the new products putting a burden on the sales team.

Our analysis revealed a strong need for training in an entertaining style to ensure a high degree of target group acceptance. This acceptance ensures the success of training and communications concepts.

Strategy | Coordination between sales and users

We frequently step back from the details during strategic planning to get a holistic point of view. This allowed detailed work to be aligned with important centrally defined company principles. Comprehensive efforts of this kind require coordination of sales activities and user information in order to avoid content overlap and overstepping defined areas of responsibility. Our strategy focuses on developing instructional communications formats that can be used flexibly and disseminated easily.

Measures | Media mix with corporate TV channel

The core element of the media mix is a trend show with an anchorperson that is broadcast as corporate television and briefed viewers on the latest issues. We recruit specialist team members for the project and establish an editorial and studio team perfectly suited for the assignment. We also instruct selected client staff in media formats and train them as specialist TV show hosts.


The blend of entertaining reporting and expert knowledge not only helps gain acceptance with the key target group but also achieves a high degree of viewer engagement.


Rest assured - we don't just want you to be satisfied, we want you to be enthusiastic. So let's begin a successful cooperation.

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Mirja Ng-Metzker

Client Relations Manager
Don't hesitate to contact me

06131 - 27 77 38-0

Mirja Ng-Metzker

Client Relations Manager
Don't hesitate to contact me

06131 - 27 77 38-0

Curious? Any Questions? Interested?

Request more information at any time.

Please note: You may withdraw your consent at any time by sending an email to Information about how we handle user-data can be found in our data-privacy statement.

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